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Corey T.5-stars

"I use ShareGrid because I believe it is absolutely revolutionizing the film rental industry. By allowing anyone to both become a renter and rentee it helps balance the scales, because it makes filmmaking more affordable. I haven't looked anywhere else for my rentals since I found ShareGrid, and the inventory is growing everyday!"

Doug B.5-stars

"ShareGrid makes renting equipment a breeze! Clients are insured, vetted, and payment is handled up front. It eliminates a lot of risks and challenges for local owner ops looking to make a passive income on their gear. It has also saved me by sourcing hard to find kits that bigger rental houses just don't carry. It's the Airbnb of film equipment!"

Kaity W.5-stars

"With ShareGrid, I have control over my own equipment and who uses it while ShareGrid takes care of the payment and insurance. The company provides insurance options which seem to make the gear more accessible to others. The people you rent to are also filmmakers and seem to care about the gear as if it was their own. ShareGrid is a perfect solution for me!"

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