TLS Vintage Cooke Speed Panchros

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(Photos are of my actual lenses)

No other lens has the beautiful and unique look of vintage Cooke Speed Panchros. They are known for how well they render faces, and for their painterly quality. These are the lenses responsible for the term "The Cooke Look." They are as sharp as you need a lens to be, but with a flattering softness. They have a gentle focus roll-off, are a little warm and have the perfect amount of distortion. These are often the lens of choice for shooting close-ups of faces. These lenses will immediately give your project a unique look, and make it stand out from the pack.

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Michael Medoway

Michael Medoway

3 months ago

Hey Mark,

I have a shoot on Friday 2/10 and would love to use your Cooke Panchros - such great lenses. Ain't to proud to beg, but we have some budget problems and I was wondering if we can work something out?




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