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Eric Thirteen

It was great, thank you.

Iguana Digital Cinema

Took excellent care of the equipment. Would without a doubt rent to again.

Sean about listing 2 x Kinoflo 4x4 (4' 4 Bank) Kino 1 month ago.
Iguana Digital Cinema

Took good care of our Kinfolk light and very prompt. Great to rent to.

Sean about listing Kinoflo 4x4 (4' 4 Bank) Kino (1 of 2) 2 months ago.
David  Parks

Great experience. They picked up and delivered on time and everything was accounted for.

David about listing Complete Location Audio Package Cheap! 4 months ago.
Devon Armstrong

Went Great! Thanks Corey!

Devon Armstrong

Went great! Thanks Corey!

Eric Thirteen

Things went well!

Connor Bailey

Everything went smoothly, Corey was very professional.


very good

thank you very much

KING FILM about listing Red Epic Package 8 months ago.

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