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Dunia is a boutique rental house owned and operated by Pierre Habib and Pablo Ruff-Berganza. We've built a specialty grip/electric truck with an all LED package. Our goal is to have the most efficient lights on the market while exceeding the quality and features of HMIs or tungsten fixtures.

We have everything production needs to shoot: cameras, wireless systems, lenses, grip, and lighting. We love new tech and what it can offer to film makers so hit us up with any requests and we'll give you the run through on what our gear can do!

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Stephen Pinkston

Great equipment, easy rental!

Khang Le

Great guy to rent from! Awesome professionalism, flexible and patient.

Khang about listing 5D Mark iii Body 3 days ago.
Sam Moskowitz

These Guys are great! Always rent from them!

Sam about listing SmallHD AC7 SDI/HDMI Monitor 3 days ago.

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