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Thanks for checking us out.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our gear. We also have accessories not listed here that can be included with our camera packages. Shoot us a message, we look forward to meeting you. - Paulo & Alan Torres

FIVE TOWERS mission is to produce high-quality artistic visual content.

In addition to producing our own projects we enjoy working with others to realize theirs.

We rent our personal production equipment as well as provide ample studio space ideal for an array of creative applications.

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Grant Bell

The rental could not have been easier, I'd highly recommend renting from Five Towers

Grant about listing Dana Dolly Original Kit 7 days ago.
Naptime Video

Great experience renting! Highly recommend

Naptime about listing Schneider Xenon FF Lens Set 9 days ago.
Taljon Productions

Great renter! Gracious and great to work with.

Camtastic about listing “Wooden Camera V2 Shoulder Rig” 15 days ago.
Anousone Muongpack

Had the right equipment for the project. Rented the Canon MK IV with the 24-70mm lens and performed great for the project. Highly recommend renting from Five Towers. Made the process easy and it was my first time using ShareGrid. I wasn't sure how it would work out. Would rent from again.

Anousone about listing Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 29 days ago.
William Ortwin

Awesome service, friendly, and convenient!

William about listing Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 1 month ago.
Mark Wolf

Five towers was great, thanks for the rental!

Charles Bergquist

Great renter! Picked up and dropped off on time and took great care of the Teradek! Thanks!

Olivier Renck

Great team and great equipment. I highly recommend Five Towers!

Olivier about listing Canon EOS 5D Mark III 2 months ago.
Nicole  Sepe

Everything went great! I am always extremely satisfied with FIVE TOWERS customer service. They always put their customers first and make sure they are happy with what they are paying for! THANK YOU SO MUCH for always coming through when I need you guys.

Nicole about listing Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 3 months ago.

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