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I encourage you to read my reviews. I will make sure you have the equipment, information and support you need to have a great shoot. You may have seen a lot of my lenses featured in ShareGrid's VINTAGE CINEMA LENS LIBRARY. I am a Los Angeles based cinematographer and I'm obsessed with vintage glass. This is the gear I use for my personal projects, and it's in excellent condition. My lenses are regularly serviced and are among the best examples available.

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Antoine Dupont

Mark was a great person to rent from. Confident and professional. We had a few delays with paperwork that resolved very last minute and he didn't let us down, keeping the gear available for us until everything was in order.

Antoine about listing TLS Vintage Cooke Speed Panchros 2 days ago.

Couldn't have been happier with my first experience with ShareGrid. Mark was a pleasure to work with. Took the extra steps to make sure I had everything that i needed to get the job done. His lenses are in fantastic condition. Looking forward to renting from him again in the future.

Iguana Digital Cinema

Lens kept in excellent condition. Would rent from Mark again. Thanks.

Sean about listing Zeiss Standard Speed 135mm T2.1 3 days ago.

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