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I encourage you to read my reviews. I will make sure you have the equipment, information and support you need to have a great shoot. You may have seen a lot of my lenses featured in ShareGrid's VINTAGE CINEMA LENS LIBRARY. I am a Los Angeles based cinematographer and I'm obsessed with vintage glass. This is the gear I use for my personal projects, and it's in excellent condition. My lenses are regularly serviced and are among the best examples available.

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Ben Fischinger

Great gear, very accommodating, thanks Marc!

Ben about listing Panasonic BT-LH2170 21.5” Monitor 4 hours ago.
Yulia Safonova

Mark is very responsive and helpful. Smoothest transaction from first contact till return. Will be coming back!

Aris Produced

Easy to rent from. Great setup.

Aris about listing Panasonic BT-LH2170 21.5” Monitor 12 hours ago.

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