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Brent Barbano

There is a reason why ARRI has now been the leader in pro digital cinematography with their arsenal of Alexa's, Alexa Mini, Amira and who knows what's in the future.

An amazing amount of upgrades come with the SXT...Taken directly from their website:

"ALEXA SXT offers a total of 14 in-camera recording formats, seven of which are completely new. All sensor modes can now be recorded in ARRIRAW or ProRes. Whatever the budget, intended market, resolution requirements, aspect ratio, lens choices or postproduction plans, there is an ideal ALEXA SXT recording format to ensure easy operation on set and a seamless image pipeline."

It is incredibly future-proof providing an array of formats to shoot in, resolutions, codecs and HDR abilities which content-creators LOVE! The SXT is one of ARRI's strongest and boldest models and is stacked with amazing tools for big budget-level productions.